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Our Solutions Enable a complete digitization of all shop floor processes. They are scalable, with strong growth potential and a positive contribution to climate transition - Recuperar Portugal. Our solutions are web-based, allowing different users to access the same platform, each accessing their respective area. These solutions, combined with a Plug & Play IoT device (easy installation), enable a high degree of growth and scalability. They also eliminate the need for paper, electrical cables, and derivatives (PVC) circulating on the shop floor, contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint.

MoldTrack is the premium solution for tracking and efficient management of molds in the industry. Monitor the entire lifecycle of your molds, from design to the final product, with advanced real-time tracking features. Streamline mold management, optimize productivity, and minimize errors with MoldTrack.

ProdTrack360 is the all-encompassing solution for intelligent and efficient production management. Gather data on the shop floor and make strategic decisions to optimize your production line. With advanced tracking and analysis capabilities, streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive productivity across the entire organization.

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