Case Studies

Disruptive technology for the industry.
Changing industry into a new 4.0 era

Spring Industry

Sinflex was facing a variety of issues, such as:

checkIsolated Documents

checkInformation Duplication

checkLack of General Database

checkProduction Level

Lack of Planning and Forecasting of Occupancy

Absence of Effective Production Capacity Utilization Levels

Duplicated and/or Lost Manufacturing Orders

Product Identification Errors

Production Quantities Adjusted on the Shop Floor Based on Momentary Sentiment and Perception of Need

Lack of Resource Requirement Calculation

checkQuality Level

Lack of Tracking/Recording of Internal NOK Production (Defect Typology)

Lack of Tracking/Recording of Scrap Production

Manual Laboratory Records without Treatment

The solution found was implementation of the Wetrack production management platform integrated with ERP SAGE X3, enabling the digitization of all production processes, eliminating paper records, and making all information available in a single, interconnected database with easy access to important information.

The outcome surpassed all expectations, delivering exceptional results.These are:

checkReal-time monitoring on all equipment

checkEquipment Management and Monitoring

checkDynamic and automatic production planning

checkReal-time monitoring of all manufacturing orders

checkProduction cost analysis based on consumption during the Work Order

checkQuality Production Control and Recording (Laboratory)

checkReal-time printing of finished product identification

checkBusiness Intelligence Reports

checkUp to 10% increase in machine utilization time

checkUp to 7% improvement in OEE

Mold Industry

The challenge of Group TJ Moldes was the creation of an integrated management information system, with the aim of integrating all data and processes of the TJ group organization into an ecosystem consisting of a tool or set of tools, in order to eliminate the isolation of production from the rest of the business. With the introduction of integrated tools capable of planning and monitoring production processes, it is possible to reduce downtime/waste, increase production capacity, improve production cycles, and control costs.

The solution was the implementation of the Wetrack production management platform integrated with Primavera ERP for procurement, and with the ELO attendance system. This enabled the digitization of all production processes, eliminating paper records and making all information available in a single integrated information system, with mechanisms that allow for better and faster decision-making.

The results exceeded all predictions, proving to be truly remarkable. Such as:

Equipment Monitoring

checkReal-time Dashboards

checkMonitor speed, efficiency, and production stops

checkTotal/Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

checkAnalyze production times, production stops, and setup

checkProduction and production stops history

checkMeasurement of machine hours and operator hours

checkManagement Indicators

checkCustom Reports tailored to needs

Quoting and Supplier Orders

checkDetailed production cost control vs. budgeted

checkControl of all information related to customer orders and production

checkControl of quotation requests and supplier orders

checkAutomatic generation of consumption and associated costs integrated with production and Primavera ERP

checkCustom Reports tailored to needs