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Disruptive technology for the industry.
Changing industry into a new 4.0 era

Challenges of the Modern Industry

Recognizing the problem to define the Next Era of progress

The collection of machine data is hard and challenging, due to different type of machines


Wired data collection solutions, are expensive and time consuming to implement


Spending time and resources filling manual, delayed and non-accurate date

Our Value Offer

Bringing Attention to Our Uniqueness
Be a pioneer with our product.
Our added benefits, in comparison to other products, will ensure you stay ahead at every step of the way. They are:



checkNo communication fails

checkEasy for all

checkAccurate and real time data

checkFor all industries

We stand out with our hardware, which brings several advantages to adapt to each type of industrial machine for data collection. These are:

checkUniversal process of data collection, from different OEM equipment

checkPlug & Play

checkNo wireless communication failure in hostile environments

checkNo Automation required

checkOptimization of shopfloor layout changes


Core Aspects of the Platform

Interactive Dashboard

Have a clear view of the machine status, production hours, daily goals, and status of manufacturing orders through key performance indicators (KPIs).


Realize a programação da produção com planeamento macro automático e planeamento fino de Gantt, além de ajustes em tempo real com a timeline e alertas visuais com cores. Visualize o tempo decorrido versus tempo esperado para o fim das ordens de fabrico, bem como os prazos de entrega.


Acompanhe as peças rejeitadas, incluindo a quantidade e os defeitos associados, através de gráficos detalhados por tipo de defeito e por operador. Além disso, gere relatórios finais com informações e análises detalhadas dos defeitos.

Operator Interface

Oferecemos a identificação manual ou automática do operador, permitindo a visualização do planeamento e das ordens de fabrico em produção.


Integração através de API ou Webservices com outros softwares nomeadamente SAP, SAGE, Primavera ; PHC, etc.

Areas of Expertise

Industries where we operate

Automotive Sector

WeTrack offers advanced solutions for the automotive sector, helping companies increase productivity through real-time data collection and analysis with our Prodtrack360 platform.

Packaging Sector

WeTrack's solutions for the packaging sector provide real-time data collection and analysis with our Prodtrack360 platform, optimizing workflows and reducing waste for increased efficiency and profitability.

Home appliances Sector

WeTrack's solutions for the home appliances sector enable real-time data collection and analysis with our Prodtrack360 platform, optimizing operations and increasing productivity for improved performance and profitability.

Hydraulic Components Sector

WeTrack's solutions for the hydraulic components sector provide real-time data collection and analysis with our Prodtrack360 platform, optimizing processes and increasing efficiency for improved performance.

Textil Sector

WeTrack helps textile companies improve their operations and increase efficiency with our real-time data collection and analysis solutions. Our Prodtrack360 platform enables valuable insights into key performance indicators such as production output and quality control, helping companies make informed decisions and improve their profitability in the textile industry.

Mold Sector

WeTrack offers advanced solutions for the mold sector, helping companies increase productivity through real-time data collection and analysis with our Moldtrack platform.

Letter from CEO

Introducing WETRACK, a company that develops innovative hardware and software solutions adaptable to any industry. Our disruptive IoT web platform collects data from any machine, providing valuable insights to catalyze decision-making and seamless integration with ERP vendors and other analysis software. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology to fill a need in data collection and control of means of production, based on Industry 4.0.
-Filipe Gomes

Cutting-edge technology for Industry 4.0.

Our Clients

What our clients say about us

“A Wetrack é um parceiro de excelência em quem confiamos, pela suacompetência profissional e a qualidade do serviço prestado. Acreditamos quepossamos crescer em conjunto com objetivo de continuar a desenvolverferramentas de controlo industrial adequadas ao nosso processo produtivo econsequentemente aumentar a nossa produtividade.”

Luis Teixeira
CartonagemTrindade, Diretor de Fábrica e produção

“De forma simples, inovadora e flexivel, aequipa WETRACK desenvolveu a bidirecionalidade de comunicação e recolha dedados no chão de fábrica. Passamos a ser “data-driven” na tomada de decisãooperacional, tornando-nos mais eficientes e eficazes.”

Hugo Terra
Sinflex,Diretor de planeamento e produção

Goals Achieved

Our Achievements in Numbers
Millions of data collected
Industrial Sectors
Thousand Production Orders Monitored
Millions of Production Hours Monitored
Monitored Machines

The trusted team behind the solution

Our team constantly works to be among the leaders and have an outstanding position within
the business areas in which we operate.
Filipe Gomes
Co-founder and CEO
Catarina Silva
Computer Engineering and Telematics
Rodrigo Tavares
Information Technologies
Romeu Gamelas
Co-founder and CTO
Pedro Beça
Co-founder and CIO
Alexandre Rios
Co-founder and COO

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