How It Works ?

Shop Floor
Data Acquisition

• Data collection hardware, Plug & Play, Easy & Fast to Install, Wireless Technology, which allows the collection of data from any type of machine to a database.
• Collection of data entered by operators via mobile devices.

Flexible & Remote
Our platform

• Access to data anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone or office PC.

Real Time
Data Analytic

• Implement, Monitor and Control multi-level production processes: KPI`s, OEE, TEEP, Maintenance, Alarms.

Manufacturing Intelligence

• Total enterprise integration between Wetrack Data platform with client business IT (ERP, PLM, SCM or HR) and other essential system functions - Feel the factory in your hands




Automatic or manual Scheduling processes

Real time production monitoring

Ability to detect and correct anomalies in the production process in real time


Manufacturing Intelligence

Collection of shop floor data and integration with various ERP vendors or other analysis software

Reliable and mesaurable information for strategic decision making


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