How It Works?

Shop Floor
Data Aquisition

Wireless Dynamic Box, Plug & Play, Easy & Fast to Install, Wireless Technology,
Scalable Architecture, Compatible with all types of machines.

Flexible & Remote
our platform

Access to our Industrial Workflow Manager anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone or office PC.

Real Time
Data Analytic

Implement, Monitor and Control multi-level production processes: KPI`s, OEE, TEEP, Maintenance, Alarms.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Total enterprise integration between IWM platform with client business IT (ERP, PLM, SCM or HR) and other essential system functions - Feel the factory in your hands


Data Acquisition

- Production monitoring in real time

- Full view of the entire production system, real time machine data collection

- Detection of real time alarm situations



- Automatic or manual Scheduling processes

- Real time production monitoring

- Ability to detect and correct anomalies in the production process in real time


Manufacturing Intelligence

- Crossing data between factory floor (MES) and (ERP)

- Reporting, analysis, summaries

- Reliable and mesaurable information for strategic decision making

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