Our Story

 WETRACK develops and implements hardware and software adaptable to any industry, in order to be able to fill a need that currently exists in companies with a strong productive character, of data collection and control of the means of production, already based on Industry 4.0.

 Collecting data from any type of machine for a disruptive IOT web platform, this data is collected automatically (signals from the machines) and / or manually (recorded by the operator) in order to be converted into accessible, reliable and quantified information for catalyze the decision-making process, and integration with various ERP vendors or other analysis software.

 Our entire technological development department is incorporated in SANJOTEC, São João da Madeira, and in the PCI–Creative Science Park, Aveiro, which are currently national reference Technological Parks, from which Startups have already emerged, which now has great national and global projection.

 The WeTrack team constantly works to be among the leaders and have an outstanding position within the business areas in which we operate, to ensure the satisfaction of our customer and the return on capital invested appropriately and sustainably.

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